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Grand Night Service 2017

December 23, 2017

Happy Holidays to you!  And I mean that in a literal sense as we here at ASSC Studios celebrate a non-denominational winter holiday called, well, Holidays.  You can read up all about here or check out the outline of how to celebrate here.  With that being said it is after sunset December 22 which means until sunrise December 23 it is currently the Grand Night Service.  I have my iPod playing, I’m dressed as a Red Lantern, I’m wearing a cape, and I have a giant stuffed T-Rex on my shoulder.  I’m forgoing the wig to wear this awesome Canadian themed fake top hat thing instead so that means there’s only on traditional thing to do tonight that’s right blog about Pi.

Pi of course is the greatest number of them all.  It was so great that once upon a time ASSC and several other of my side projects fell upon the banner of something called Pi Semi-National.  The other side projects didn’t really take off as I expected so whatever wasn’t ultimately absorbed by ASSC was just kind of ditched put Pi still remains an import part at ASSC Studios.  I try to make a sprite comic dedicated to Pi Day every March 14 and on more than one occasion there have been several characters obsessed with Pi.

I think that suffices enough blogging about pi on this fine Grand Night service and since 30 is one of the numbers held with significance during Holidays here’ pi 30 times followed by the first digits of the greatest number ever.





Explanation Owed

November 26, 2008

All right so I’m back in charge of the website, hurray!  I was gone for close to two months and from the “hints” that were put up on the website throughout October indicated I was going to come back on October 25 but I didn’t officially make my come back until November 21 the day after the Marvelous Land of Schnoz was released.  Before I get into the reason why it was so delayed with returning let me first explain why I left.  Really it’s a stupid reason, there are a lot of more serious reasons that I could have left for, some of which occurred while I was gone which is why it took so long for me to return after the October 25 return date.  When I left in September I was really stressed out about school as it was.  Every September it’s always very hard for me to adjust from doing nothing for three months then bam nothing but school for thirteen weeks straight until Thanksgiving.  It was also the ending of “back to school” season at work (I work at Staples) so that too added to my stress levels.  It was getting rather hard to maintain the website as well as working extended hours at work while maintaining my school work.  I was also getting overly stressed about the election, more than I should have been because it was September, because at the point I think McCain was either ahead or gaining ground in the polls.  Then one day I found out something that just made my stress levles snapped and I just couldn’t handle everything anymore.  I had to give up something so I immediatly left the website until things cooled down.  To make a long story short there was this girl that left in 2007 and when she did I kind of went a little crazy when she did (ok so that might be and understatment).  If ASSC wasn’t down when she left I probably would have left then but since Kyle basically runs Blue Apple I didn’t have to leave I just had to put up with filming where I just breakdown in the middle filming and start laughing as seen in Numa Screw Up and in the second Mounties’ blooper reel.  But yeah I went a little crazy then and a bunch of stuff happenned and I had to slowly piece together my life and it took me a little over a year to get everything back to normal and smoothed out.  Then in September I come to find out that she was coming back and what was worse was that all my friends knew and didn’t bother telling me so I lost and I snapped so something had to give and that something was the website.  So she came and went, never saw her though we did talk briefly.  Things started to settle down.  Work was giving me less hours because the economy was going down the toilet and I was able to have a steady pace with my schoolwork.  Now it was time to decide to come back.  I picked October 25 because I had a report due the 22 and figured I would give myself until the weekend after the report was due to come back.  So Dan I staged this whole thing with the “hacker” and the “gremlin.”  Just that Dan forgot to tell Kyle and the two started to go at it (at first I thought nothing of this as I had told Dan to tell Kyle to have the two of them “fight” over control of the site).  So I had to explain everything to Kyle and he decided to follow everything.  All right well my professor decided to extend the due date of the report for another week so as Dan and Kyle were finishing their preparations for the gremlin/hacker thing I was slacking off keeping with the election still instead of finishing my report.  So the 25 was approaching so we “shut down” the site so it only linked to the Wizard of Schnoz promo so I could start and finish my report and Schnoz.  I was going to finish it over that weekend but my dear cat Lillian who I had for so long and literally grew up with died, her liver failed and she died a painful, agonizing, horrible death…poor cat.  So instead of doing my report and working on Schnoz I was too busy attempting to cope with my loss.  Luckily there was that extra week to work on that report, right?  So I took advantage of that extra time and worked on my report (which I managed to pull a B out of my ass on) instead of working on Schnoz.  Now it was the final days of the election so I once again put off coming back.  The election cam and Obama won and there was much rejoicing, we even filmed an Early Early Late Show but Kyle lost his camera so it won’t be uploaded until he finds it.  He’s an English major so it’s probably buried under several rough drafts of one of his papers.  So the election came and I did the whole ASSC is in the Land of Schnoz thing as I worked on Schnoz at Dan’s house because he had Flash and I did not.  Due to our different schedules, though we work at the same company with the same job and title, I could only manage to work on Schnoz once a week for a few hours at Dan’s house.  Finally I finished it and the rest is history.  I hope I cleared everything up for everyone and I apologize for everything.  Unfortunately the gremlin/hacker thing didn’t work out as planned as I was trying to get Alby involved without Kyle or Dan’s knowing (Dave was supposed to be involved too but he ignored all requests but Dan knew of Dave’s involvement).  Like Dave Alby ignored me.  It was supposed to be that I ended up being the “gremlin” and Alby ended up being the “hacker” which I tried to imply with the ending of the Marvelous Land of Schnoz.  Oh well.  It’s good to be back!

September at ASSC Studios

September 1, 2008

Well August came and went with not much accomplished except for VX Kingdom.  Yes I realized I didn’t update yesterday the last day in August but there was a reason why which will be addressed in a future blog.  So with September comes school, tomorrow school starts actually.  With my work schedule now set for the semester I know for a fact that ASSC Studios will be updated comic wise every Monday, Tuesday, and Wendesday though this will probably change come later in the sememester.  Chances are that at least one of the weekend days there will be an update too and as always I make an exception to my updating rules when it comes to politicians screwing up.  This month expect to see the return of Another Sonic Sprite Comic and the storyline I had started with it back in July.  However if something comes up Sonic wise that needs to be addressed I will hault the storyline for that comic such as when Unleashed or Chronicles come out.  And alwayse expect Bushed and Random Stupidity at random when something worth making fun of comes up.  Good luck to all who have started school all ready.

August in Review

August 31, 2008

Tomorrow is the last day of August so I’d figure I’d give the past month a review at ASSC Studios.  Unfortunately Blue Apple never got around to filming any new Early Early Late Shows.  To tell you the truth if none get filmed by election day the series will be cancelled.  As for the music videos I promised well we started to film “That 70’s Ripoff” again but because we didn’t film until night the footage is crap and there are only 2 takes thus far.  The character battle is going strong though it could be stronger.  Also I really enjoyed doing VX Kingdom again however due to school starting Tuesday I have decided that from here on out that comic will be only updated on days I have off from school, and well if I’m really ambitious I’ll make several on days I’m off from school so it won’t be totally stale and random when it comes back.  As for SIRF it started off strong now not so much.  Chances are if the SSA start up any time soon more attention will be paid attention to SIRF.  Now on to September!

August at ASSC Studios

July 22, 2008

August is almost hear which means summer will be over soon and it’ll be back to school and cold.  But hey we still have 31 days and we’re going to make the best of it at ASSC Studios.  Obviously we will continue with Bushed as our lame duck president just keeps getting lamer and ducker as the days go on.  As you may have noticed a storyline has begun to unfold in Another Sonic Sprite Comic and Random Stupidity it will return September 1 because in August we will bring you a new VX Kingdom every day!  On the note of Random Stupidity, for the month of August it will be back to it’s usual randomness and stupidness either based off of real life events or whatever pops into our heads.  Now on to Blue Apple.  The Mounties last episode of Season 2 will be July 23 and will not return until February 2009.  So what’s Blue Apple to do?  We are going to go back to music videos!  This weekend we are going to attempt to reshoot “That 70s Ripoff” and “Anthem” (contact us for details if you wish to participate).  There is also plans to shoot “The Pretender” by the Foo Fighters.  Also hopefully every Friday there will be a new Early Early Late Show for your enjoyment.

The Fate of Bushed

July 15, 2008

For those of you who saw today’s Bushed you may have noticed the “countdown” in the upper right hand corner of the comic.  Technically the comic won’t end it’ll just change names.  So beginning January 20, 2009 Bushed will either be renamed McCained or Baracked (because it sounds better than “Obamaed”).  Politicians always screw up and ASSC Studios will continue to mock their screw ups no matter who we may support.


Paul Stanley for President

Story Arc?

July 15, 2008

*sigh* Yep unfortunately I have the idea of doing a story arc that will intertwine both Another Sonic Sprite Comic and Random Stupidity.  Don’t worry unlike the last time I did that I won’t randomly forget about it and end it with something totally random, especially since the comics are now made 1-2 weeks in advance.  I don’t know how far it’s going to last in Random Stupidity as I really don’t want it to last too long in that comic as all that’s supposed to be is what randomly comes into my head or I put real life stupid events that happened to me and my friends in sprite comic form, hence the name.  As for Another Sonic Sprite Comic I’m planning, key word is planning, on it to run hopefully up until at least issue 90.  After that there will be a countdown of sorts (i.e. a mini-arc) to issue 100.  Now I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret.  While we were trying to make the new website we came across the original script Alby and I wrote back in 2001 for the the original comics.  Obviously it has to be edited but originally Alby and I wrote a script (for lack of a better term) that was originally going to last us for 176 comics.  Roughly the first 114 comics in the script are the same as the original 114 that were posted from 2001-2002.  Issues 115-200 of the original series were loosely based of what we had planned for 115-150, the same idea was there and I did use some of the original script and plot elements but then I got too caught up with the storyline and made Another Sonic Sprite Comic ASSC and the rest is well history I guess.


ASSC Studios: The Blogs

July 12, 2008

All right, we’re going to attempt to try something new at ASSC Studios and that is blogs.  Basically when we have an update that’s not relevant enought to post on the front page it’ll be posted here.  Essentially this is going to be status updates on upcoming comics for ASSC Studios and videos for Blue Apple Entertainment.  The Sonic Information Research Foundation will just focus mainly on opinions with very few status updates as that section is still under major construction.   All right let’s see how badly this idea is going to fail ha ha ha.